HC Deb 15 February 1932 vol 261 cc1290-1W

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will furnish particulars of the amounts of loans or Government stock outstanding, and the interest payable in each case; and particulars of conversions made since 1815?


Full particulars of the various items of the0 National Debt as at 31st March, 1930, and 31st March, 1931, showing also transactions in the course of the year, will be found on pages 66 to 70 of the Finance Accounts for 1930–31 (H.C. 106 of 1931). The amount of interest payable in each case is shown on pages 31 and 32. Conversions made in the course of each financial year are now shown in Appendix VI of the Annual Returns relating to the National Debt; the return for 1930–31 is Command Paper 3959 of 1931. For earlier years I would refer the hon. Member to the following documents:

  1. (1) National Debt: Report by the Secretary and Controller-General of the proceedings of the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt from 1786 1291 To 1890 (C.6539 of 1891).Pages 154 to 177 of this report summarise the principal conversions from 1749 to 1889.
  2. (2) National Debt Return for 1919–20 (Command Paper 1024 of 1920). Appendix VI gives a summary of the principal debt operations, including conversions, from 1876 to 31st March, 1920.
  3. (3) Appendix VI (pp.26 and following) to the report (1927) of the Committee on National Debt and Taxation. This deals with from 1st January, 1920,to 31st March, 1926.

(4)The annual National Debt returns:
1926–27 Command paper 2943 of 1927. Appendix IV.
1927–28 Command paper 3170 of 1928. Appendix IV.
1928–29 Command paper 3389 of 1929. Appendix IV.
1929–30 Command paper 3821 of 1931. Appendix IV.