HC Deb 14 December 1932 vol 273 cc348-9W

asked the President of the Board of Trade the wholesale price of imported chilled or frozen meat at Smithfield on the 1st November and the last available date, together with the prices obtaining in Australia and New Zealand on similar dates?


The following table shows the wholesale prices of various classes of imported chilled and frozen meat at the London Central Markets, Smithfield, on 1st November and 13th December. Information with regard to prices of livestock on these dates in

Wholesale Prices of Imported Meat at the London Central Markets, Smithfield.
1st November, 1932. 13th December, 1932.
per 8 lbs. per 8 lbs.
Chilled Beef—
Argentine Hinds 3s. 2d. 4s. 0d. 3s. l0d. 4s. 6d.
Argentine Fores 2s. 0d. 2s. 3d. 2s. 6d. 2s. l0d.
Frozen Beef—
Australian Hinds 2s. 0d. * 2s. 2d. 2s. 8d.
Australian Crops 1s. 5d. * 1s. 6d. 2s. 2d. 2s. 4d.
New Zealand Hinds 2s. 0d. 2s. 2d. 2s. 6d. 2s. 8d.
New Zealand Fores 1s. 4d. 1s. 5d. 2s. 0d.
Frozen Mutton—
New Zealand Wethers 2s. 2d. 2s. 8d. 2s. 8d. 3s. 2d.
New Zealand Ewes 1s. 4d. 1s. 8d. 2s. 2d. 2s. 6d.
Australian Wethers 1s. 8d. 2s. 0d. 2s. 2d. 2s. 8d.
Argentine Wethers 1s. 6d. 2s. 2d. 2s. 4d. 2s. l0d.
Frozen Lamb—
New Zealand 2s. l0d. 3s. l0d. 3s. 8d. 4s. l0d.
Australian 2s. 6d. 3s. 6d. 3s. 6d. 4s. 8d.
Argentine 2s. 0d. 3s. 6d. 3s. 0d. 4s. 4d.
* Not quoted on 1st November. Prices given are for 2nd November.