HC Deb 02 December 1932 vol 272 cc1146-7W

Regulations issued under the Export Subsidies Act, 1931, provide for the payment of a subsidy at the rate of 10 per cent. of the export value in respect of various primary products exported from the Union, including butter, cheese, condensed milk, cream, milk powder and lactogen. The funds required to pay for this subsidy are obtained from a special Customs duty, or primage tax, of 5 per cent. ad valorem, imposed as from 29th October, 1931. Regulations issued under the Dairy Industry Control Act, 1930, provide for a levy of one penny per pound on butter and cheese, payable by manufacturers or importers into the Butter and Cheese Levy Funds. Out of these funds the following bounties are at present payable on exported butter and cheese:

per lb.
1st grade butter 6½d.
2nd grade butter 5½d.
3rd grade butter 3½d.
1st grade cheese 4d.
2nd grade cheese 3¾d.
3rd grade cheese 3d.