HC Deb 27 April 1932 vol 265 cc380-1W

asked the Home Secretary the number of children under 14 who were killed on the public highways by motor vehicles during 1931?


I regret that the collected returns do not classify under age categories the types of vehicle concerned in road fatalities, and such general figures as exist are limited to the Metropolitan Police District and the City of London. I am sorry, therefore, that the information asked for in the question is not available.


asked the Home Secretary how many persons have been charged with manslaughter in connection with deaths due to motor accidents during the past year; of that number how many were convicted and how many acquitted; and whether in future issues of the Annual Return of Criminal Statistics he will include a subdivision giving that information?


Not all the particulars asked for have hitherto been collected, but I will see whether some means can be devised of collecting this information and of publishing it either in the Criminal Statistics or in the Returns, issued from time to time, of Motoring Offences.


asked (1) the Minister of Health whether he will issue instructions to the medical officers of health throughout the country to distinguish in their reports between deaths from streets accidents and all other deaths from violence and accident;

(2) the Financial Secretary to the Treasury whether he will arrange for future reports issued by the Registrar-General to distinguish between the deaths from street accidents and other deaths by violence?


Statistics are annually published in the Registrar-General's Statistical Review (Part I, Table 22) classifying accidental deaths under a great variety of heads distinguishing every form of accident which appears to be included in the Noble Lord's description of street accidents. If, however, he will refer to that table and inform me in what respect it fails to meet the objects which he has in mind, I shall be happy to consider his suggestions. I will also consider whether it would be feasible to issue any advice to medical officers of health in this matter.