HC Deb 26 April 1932 vol 265 cc217-8W

asked the President of the Board of Trade the number of vessels registered in this country before 1st January, 1930, which have been since transferred to foreign flags, under which they are now operating, giving the respective totals in the case of the different countries concerned?


446 vessels registered at ports of the United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Channel Islands before 1st January, 1930, were reported during the period 1st January, 1930, to 31st March, 1932, as having been removed from the register on sale to foreigners. Information is not readily available as to the flags under which these vessels (if still in service) are now operating, but the countries to which the vessels were reported as having been sold were as follow:

Country. No. of Vessels.
Greece 71
Italy 68
France 59
Country. No. of Vessels.
Japan 40
Norway 25
Holland 24
United States of America 18
YugoSlavia 18
Sweden 12
Germany 11
Belgium 10
China 9
Spain 8
Finland 7
Latvia 7
Russia 7
Estonia 6
Denmark 5
Egypt 5
Panama 5
Portugal 5
Turkey 5
Argentina 3
Hungary 3
Other Countries 15

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