HC Deb 26 April 1932 vol 265 cc220-2W

asked the Minister of Labour the number of applicants for un- employment insurance benefit whose claims have been disallowed during the last six months to the nearest available date, on the respective grounds that they were not normally in insurable employment or under any one of the disqualifications imposed by the Anomalies Act; and the number of cases in which by the operation of the means test benefit has either been reduced or completely withdrawn?


pursuant to his reply [OFFICIAL REPORT, 25th April, 1932; col. 45, Vol. 265], supplied the following statement:

Claims for unemployment insurance benefit are not subject to the condition that the claimants must be "normally insurable and will normally seek to obtain a livelihood by means of insurable employment" nor are they subject to "the means test." These conditions relate only to applications for transitional payments. Statistics of disallowances under the Anomalies Regulations do not distinguish between claims for insurance benefit and applications for transitional payments.

The figures given below relate to claims and applications and not to separate individuals. In particular the determinations of public assistance authorities include renewals and revisions, and figures for separate individuals are not available for the period as a whole.

A. Applications for transitional payments.

(1) Disallowances by Courts of Referees on the ground: —

Not normally insurable, and/or will not normally seek to obtain a livelihood by means of insurable employment. 13th October, 1931–31st March, 1932 91,762
(2) Determinations by Public Assistance Authorities (12th November, 1931–19th March, 1932).
Payment allowed at rates lower than maximum benefit rates 1,500,429
Needs of applicants held not to justify payment being made 429,390

B. Anomalies Regulations—Disallowances by Courts of Referees up to 31st March, 1932. Number.
(b) Seasonal Workers 24,357
(c) Persons who normally or habitually work for not more than two days in the week 2,609
(d) Married Women 152,171

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