HC Deb 07 October 1931 vol 257 cc1094-5W

asked the Minister of Agriculture the total acreage of land in Great Britain; the total acreage used for roads, houses, woods, and waste; the total acreage of arable land; the total acreage of permanent pasture; the

Statement showing the allocation of land in Great Britain to agricultural and other purposes in certain years.
Year. Arable Land. Permanent Pasture. Rough Grazings. Other purposes including roads, houses, woods and waste. Total area of Land (excluding water).
acres. acres. acres. acres. acres.
1870 18,334,723 12,072,856 *25,793,999 56,201,578
1880 17,674,950 14,426,959 *24,099,669
1890 16,750,843 16,017,492 *23,433,243
1900 15,708,351 16,729,035 12,902,741 10,861,451
1910 14,668,890 17,477,040 12,844,226 11,211,422
1920 15,399,982 15,846,075 13,669,787 11,285,734
1931 12,643,000† 17,275,000† 14,814,000‡ 11,470,000†
* Also includes the area of Bough Grazings.
The area of Rough Grazings was not collected prior to 1891. In 1921 the area of Common land in England and Wales used for grazing purposes was estimated as carefully as possible by the Ministry's Crop Reporters, with the result that previous estimates for England and Wales were increased by 487,000 acres.
† Figures for 1931 are provisional.
‡ 1930 figure being the latest available.


asked the Minister of Agriculture the percentage of farming land used as grass in England, France, and Germany, respectively; the quantity of bread or grain produced per head of population in England, France, and Germany; and the percentage of population occupied in growing food in England, France, and Germany?


It has not been possible, in the short time available, to prepared the required information for circulation in the OFFICIAL REPORT. A statement will, however, be sent to the hon. Member.