HC Deb 24 November 1931 vol 260 cc236-7W

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs if he will issue a statement showing the total income and total expenditure of the League of Nations since its inception; and the detailed contributions, both in amount sterling and percentage to the total income, of the League from each country for the last financial year, with details of contributing countries, if any, who are in arrear with their payments?


The total income and total expenditure of the League of Nations since it was founded are £11,290,079 and £11,079,090, respectively, the difference between income and expenditure being accounted for by what is called the Working Capital Fund, which is a fund kept in hand by the Secretariat of the League of Nations to meet current expenses. The contributions paid by various States, members of the League, for the last financial year, that is, the 13th financial period (1931), are as follow:

Gold Francs.
Albania (on account) 823.12
Abyssinia (entire contribution) 62,090.74
Australia (on account) 680,822.35
Austria (entire contribution) 249,438.23
Belgium (on account) 388,695.00
China (on account) 719,427.80
Colombia (on account) 37,408.84
Czechoslovakia (entire contribution) 822,105.09
Denmark (entire contribution) 363,555.96
Estonia (on account) 68,799.00
Finland (on account) 227,824.15
Prance (on account) 1,816,861.38
Germany (on account) 1,853,315.94
Great Britain (entire contribution) 3,225,042.12
Greece (entire contribution) 211,473.22
Hungary (on account) 184,361.76
India (entire contribution) 1,705,811.54
Irish Free State (on account) 155,226.86
Italy (on account) 1,374,207.01
Japan (on account) 914,639.03
Latvia (entire contribution) 91,270.39
Lithuania (on account) 114,017.20
Luxemburg (entire contribution) 29,640.32
Netherlands (entire contribution) 700,763.83
New Zealand (entire contribution 306,163.02
Nicaragua (on account) 9,198.92
Norway (entire contribution) 270,318.51
Panama (on account) 162.68
Poland (on account) 699,651.00
Portugal (entire contribution) 177,315.85
Rumania (entire contribution) 664,865,02
Siam (entire contribution) 274,883.42
South Africa (entire contribution) 449,923.88
Spain (entire contribution) 1,219,851.15
Sweden (entire contribution) 545,333.76
Switzerland (entire contribution) 515,506.04
Venezuela (entire contribution) 152,184.84
Yugoslavia (on account) 151,783.84

The total income of the League of Nations for that period is 30,141,679.67 gold francs (25.22 gold francs equals £1 at par of exchange). As the contributions for 1931 have not yet been fully paid it is not possible to give the percentage figures asked for. With regard to the last part of the question, I would refer my hon. Friend to the reply given to my hon. and gallant Friend the Member for Dulwich (Sir F. Hall) on 16th November.

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