HC Deb 14 May 1931 vol 252 cc1380-1W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Air if the late Flight-Lieutenant Waghorn, the winner of the Schneider Trophy, was engaged upon high-speed experimental flying; and whether it is routine policy to transfer Schneider Trophy pilots to duties of this kind?


The late Flight-Lieutenant Waghorn was engaged upon experimental flying at the time of his death, but not in connection with high speed work. There is no fixed rule as to the subsequent appointments of officers who have participated in the Schneider Trophy contest, and they are employed as may be required in the interests of the Service.

Month. Men. Boys. Women. Girls. Total.
Average of 4 weeks ended 24th November, 1930. 2,627 46 2,094 63 4,830
Average of 5 weeks ended 30th March, 1931. 3,033 57 1,968 57 5,115


asked the Minister of Labour the comparative numbers, separately, of men and women disallowed benefit at the Walsall Employment Exchange during each week in April, 1929, and April, 1930, giving the reasons for their disallowance?

Claims to Benefit Disallowed by the Walsall Court of Referees.*
Ground of Disallowance. Total for 4 weeks ended 14th April, 1930. Total for 4 weeks ended 13th April, 1931.
Men. Women. Men. Women.
Less than 8 contributions paid in past two years and less than 30 contributions paid at any time. 11
Not normally insurable and will not normally seek to obtain a livelihood by means of insurable employment. 81 134 35 54
Not unemployed 10 54 2
Not capable of work 1 1 3
Not available for work 1 3 2
Employment left voluntarily without just cause 21 7 11 10
Employment lost through misconduct 10 2 18 4
Failure or refusal to apply for or accept suitable employment. 3 1 3 39
Failure to carry out written directions
Other grounds 2 5 60 7
Total 138 151 185 121
* The figures include claims made at Walsall and Cannock Employment Exchanges.

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