HC Deb 28 July 1931 vol 255 cc2115-6W

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what amount of War Debt was due to Great Britain by other nations, what modifications in payment have been agreed, the date of such agreement, and how much has been received on account of War Debt payments to date?


The terms on which the Allied War Debts due to Great sugar beet, housing, and the coal industry from 1920 to 1930?


The amounts paid in subsidies or subventions in each of the years mentioned are shown in the following table:

Britain have been funded are given in detail in the Funding Agreements which have been presented to Parliament. The net amount of the Debts at the date of funding was about £1,250,000,000 (excluding the War Debt of Belgium for which liability was assumed by Germany under the Treaty of Versailles and the War Debt of Russia, in regard to which no settlement has been reached). The Allied War Debts to Great Britain have been settled on terms corresponding to a remission of about 65 per cent. of the Debt, except in the case of Italy, in which case the remission is equivalent to 86 per cent. The amount received by Great Britain on account of War Debt payments to date is £71,250,000.