HC Deb 21 July 1931 vol 255 c1273W

asked the Minister of Labour as regards Denmark (or Copenhagen), France (or Paris), and Great Britain (or London) the average price of the 4-lb. loaf (wheat) in 1930?


The following table gives the averages, for the year 1930, of the retail prices of white bread as officially compiled at monthly intervals for London and Paris, and at quarterly intervals for Copenhagen. In the absence of information as to the qualities of bread to which the quotations relate, it is not known how far the prices shown may be regarded as comparable one with another.

Price per 4-lb. loaf of white bread.
Original Currency. Equivalent in Sterling at Par Rate of Exchange.
London 8.0 Pence
Paris 3.91 Francs 7.55 Pence.
Copenhage 1 43 Kroner 18.90 Pence.

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