HC Deb 09 December 1931 vol 260 cc1869-70W

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland what has been the average cost of houses built by the Scottish National Housing Company, financed entirely by the Government, of workmen's houses of that type known as the Weir construction; what number of these houses of that type have been built by this Government-financed company; what has been the average annual cost of repairs and maintenance; and what is the average cost of repairs and maintenance of houses with similar accommodation in Scotland constructed by ordinary methods?


Estimates of the number of insured persons in employment can only be made in respect of one date in each month. The following table gives for Great Britain the available figures from 21st September to 23rd November inclusive.


I am informed by the Second Scottish National Housing Company that the average cost of houses of the Weir type erected by them, including the cost of land, roads, sewers, fences, garden paths and other extras, is £495 per house. A total of 1,552 houses of this type has been erected by the company. The cost of repairs and maintenance of the Weir type has not been kept separate from the corresponding cost for all the houses provided by the company, but I am informed that it is considered that the cost for this type is no more than that, for the other types. The average for all types for the four years to 28th February, 1931 (the close of the last financial year of the company) was £3 1s. 3d. per house. I regret that the information desired in the last part of the question is not available.