HL Deb 01 December 1931 vol 83 c246WA

asked His Majesty's Government if they will state the sums of money annually paid by Great Britain and the Dominions towards the upkeep of the League of Nations' organisation and similarly what are the sums paid by France, Germany and Italy?


Contributions to the League of Nations vary in accordance with the total budget. According to figures published by the League of Nations for the latest financial period, that is, 1932, the contributions of the countries mentioned by the noble Lord, as approved by the recent Assembly, are as follows: His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom, 3,466,499.54 gold francs; Canada, 1,143,353.80 gold francs; Australia, 879,075.92 gold francs; New Zealand, 329,158.96 gold francs; South Africa, 484,417.81 gold francs; Irish Free State, 333,449.65 gold francs; France, 2,600,029.53 gold francs; Germany, 2,652,755.89 gold francs; Italy, 1,970,251.69 gold francs.

According to the latest information available the contributions unpaid in respect of the years 1920–30 were as follows: Argentine, 1,527,848.67 gold francs; Bolivia, 785,675.67 gold francs; Chili, 16,150.94 gold francs; China, 9,227,795.88 gold francs; Cuba, 36,286.80 gold francs; Dominican Republic, 3,771.07 gold francs; Guatemala, 53,326.79 gold francs; Honduras, 233,048.39 gold francs; Liberia, 3,732.88 gold francs; Nicaragua, 233,760.70 gold francs; Paraguay, 81,720.69 gold francs; Peru, 1,936,115.89 gold francs; Salvador, 46,449.14 gold francs; Uruguay, 78,924.02 gold francs; total, 114,264,607.53 gold francs. This deficiency has been made good from time to time out of the surplus funds at the disposal of the League. States in arrears are not debarred from voting on an equality with other States.

House adjourned at twenty-five minutes past five o'clock.