HC Deb 15 April 1931 vol 251 cc188-9W
Captain W. G. HALL

asked the Minister of Transport how many men will be employed and for how long, and what will be the total estimated cost as well as the total estimated expenditure likely to be incurred, respectively, in the acquisition of land and/or other compensation to owners or occupiers for severance, disturbance, easements, and the like, on wages, and on material on the following schemes: road reconstruction from Brownhills to the Shropshire county boundary; the Stafford County Council unemployment scheme for road reconstruction between Stone and Filly Brooks overhead railway; the road reconstruction from Chepstow Lodge to Broad Oak; the reconstruction of King's Bridge, Glasgow; the by-pass at Black-rod, in Lancashire; the Warwick County Council road reconstruction between Denbigh Corner and Bassett's Pole; and the new road and bridges in Nottingham from Radford Road to Valley Road?


The information desired by my hon. Friend as to the cost of certain schemes under

Name of Scheme. Total Estimated Cost. Land Compensation Easements, etc. Wages, Materials and all other costs.
Staffordshire.—Road reconstructions. £ £ £
1. Brownhills to Shropshire County Boundary.
Preliminary rough estimate of the total cost 300,000 Not known Not known
Detailed plans and estimates received for two two sections only:—
(a) Brownhills to "Old Turf" Inn 25,349 74 25,275
(b) Churchbridge Cannock to Four Crosses 60,726 10,500 50,226
2. Stone-Filly Brooks Overhead Railway 43,630 6,300 37,330
Gloucestershire.—Road reconstruction.
3. Chepstow Lodge to Broad Oak 119,585 8,850 110,735
4. King's Bridge reconstruction 116,614 Nil 116,614
5. By-Pass at Blackrod 129,895 2,150 127,745
Warwickshire.—Road reconstruction.
6. Denbigh Corner to Bassett's Pole 132,150 6,632 125,518
Nottingham.—New Road and Bridges.
7. Radford Road to Valley Road 254,458 29,600 224,858