HC Deb 17 November 1930 vol 245 cc57-8W

asked the President of the Board of Trade the description and quantities of fruit pulp imported into this country during the present year; the countries whence consigned; and the corresponding information for the previous year?


The following table shows the total quantity of fruit pulp in syrup imported into the United Kingdom and registered during the 10 months ended 31st October, 1929, and 1930, distinguishing the principal countries whence these imports were consigned:

Countries whence consigned. January to October.
1929. 1930.
Cwts. Cwts.
Netherlands 5,776 193
France 602 550
United States 189 154
Other Countries 271 216
Total Imports 6,838 1,113

Separate particulars of the various kinds of fruit pulp imported or of the imports of fruit plup preserved otherwise than in syrup are not available from the published trade accounts of the United Kingdom. From the trade accounts of the Netherlands, however, it appears that in the year 1929 and in the first nine months of 1930 the following quantities of various kinds of fruit pulp were exported from that country to the United Kingdom. No information is available as to the exports of fruit pulp to the United Kingdom from other foreign countries.

Exports from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom.
Kind of pulp. Year 1929 Jan.-Sept.1930.
Cwts. Cwts.
Apple 1,833 *
Plum 27,119 17,853
Cherry 688 *
Raspberry 36,229 25,471
Strawberry 132,878 133,300
Gooseberry 25,709 22,243
Blackcurrant 61553 35,215
Redcurrant 3,651 *
Other kinds 624 *
Total 290,284 *
* Not separately recorded.