HC Deb 17 November 1930 vol 245 c70W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Air if he will make a grant to the dependants of those lost in the disaster of the It 101 for the loss of uniforms and clothing, which were bought for service on the airship, and which were destroyed with all their other personal effects, including money?


The dependants of Royal Air Force personnel who lose their lives in flying accidents do not normally receive any grants in respect of clothing lost in connection with the accidents. In the absence of any evidence that the clothing losses in connection with the R 101 disaster were on an exceptional scale, it is not proposed to treat exceptionally in this respect the dependants of the Royal Air Force officers and other ranks who lost their lives in the R 101. The amount of luggage they were allowed to take was in fact severely restricted. The civilian officers who were lost in the R 101 received grants or were given advances of pay to cover the provision of kit, and it is not proposed to seek repayment of any of these grants or advances. In addition, the officers and civilian members of the crew of the airship were provided with uniform on a repayment basis. In the special circumstances, the recovery of the cost of the uniform will be waived.