HC Deb 13 November 1930 vol 244 cc1882-3W

asked the Minister of Labour what increase has taken place in the number of unemployed persons signing at the Tottenham Employment Exchange during the three months ended on 31st October, 1930?


The following table gives the information required.

Numbers of persons on the Registers of the Tottenham Employment Exchange at 28th July. 1930, and 27th October. 1930.
28th July, 1930. 27th October, 1930. Increase (+) or Decrease (—).
Men 3,512 4,314 + 802
Boys 192 175 - 17
Women 809 673 - 136
Girls 110 122 + 12
Total 4,623 5,284 + 661


asked the Minister of Labour how many schemes for the relief of unemployment have been received from the Tottenham Urban District Council; and how many have qualified for grant from the Unemployment Grants Committee?


On 30th July, 1930, the Tottenham Urban District Council made formal application to the Unemployment Grants Committee for a grant from Exchequer funds in aid of 17 schemes of work for the relief of unemployment, estimated to cost £111,411. Of these, two schemes, estimated to cost £12,083, have been approved for grant, while eight schemes, estimated to cost £42,802, were held not to fulfil the requirements. The remainder are still under consideration.

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