HC Deb 27 March 1930 vol 237 c620W

asked the Minister of Health, for the year ending December, 1929, the number of applications which have been received for admission to the insurance section of the deposit contributors' fund in accordance with Section 11 of the National Health Insurance Act, 1928, and the number of such applications which have been accepted and rejected, respectively, with details of the causes of such rejection?


During 1929 the number of applications received for admission to the insurance section of the Deposit Contributors Fund, in England and Wales, was 12,697 of which 6,176 were accepted and 6,521 rejected. Figures are not available as to the number of rejections in each of the various categories, and considerable labour would be involved in extracting such information. Examination of a sample of the rejected cases shows, however, that about 90 per cent. of the applicants furnished no evidence that the state of their health was such that they were unable to obtain admission to an approved society, while the remaining 10 per cent. were found to be ineligible for admission by reason of not satisfying the qualifying conditions.

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