HC Deb 24 March 1930 vol 237 cc74-6W

asked the Minister of Health whether he can give a statement showing the Metropolitan boroughs which are areas as respects which there is a gain, as disclosed by the provisional calculations, resulting from the provisions of Parts 1, V, and VI of the Local Government Act, 1929, in respect of the year ending 31st March, 1931, apart from the guarantee under Section 100 of the Act and the estimated amount of such gains, respectively?


The information asked far is given in the appended statement:

STATEMENT showing, in respect of each of the under-mentioned Metropolitan Boroughs (including the City of London) [being Boroughs comprising separately rated areas as respects which on the calculations of the standard year (1928–29) a gain resulting from the operation of Parts 1, V, and VI (apart from Section 100) of the Local Government Act, 1929, is disclosed], the estimated amount of such gain.
Name of Borough. Estimated amount of the gain. (approximate)
Bermondsey 43,400
Bethnal Green 22,400
Chelsea 2,000
Deptford 22,400
Greenwich 33,400
Hammersmith 17,100
Holborn (areas within the Borough which gain) 11,500
Lewisham 20,800
Poplar 157,100
Southwark 29,500
Woolwich 110,000
Woolwich 8,300
City of London 3,700

During the first fixed grant period each of the above-mentioned boroughs will, according to the provisional calculations, retain about 62.8 per cent. of their gain and the remaining 37.2 per cent. will, in accordance with the provisions of Section 100 of the Act, be applied in reduction of the losses of the areas in London as respects which a loss is disclosed by those calculations.


asked the Minister of Health whether the amount of the provisional grants together with additional Exchequer grant payable, respectively, to the London County Council under the Local Government Act, 1929, are sufficient, so far as can be at present ascertained, to secure the respective London boroughs against loss pursuant to Section 100 of the said Act; and whether, so far as present advised, he proposes to make any inquiry into the working of the Act in London?


The calculations of losses and gains of separately rated areas under the Local Government Act. 1929, are made on the basis of the expenditure of the standard year (1928–29) in accordance with the rules set out in the fifth Schedule to the Act. The grants payable to the London County Council and the London borough councils, together with the rate adjustments provided for in Section 100 of the Act, will enable any losses so calculated to be made good to the separately rated areas of the county. All calculations so far made are necessarily provisional as rateable values and other data entering into the calculations are subject to revision. When such data have been revised, in accordance with pending decisions in the Courts and otherwise, the necessary consequential re-calculations will be made and effect will be given thereto by altering the amounts of the provisional grants and rate-adjustments so far as alteration may be found necessary. The working of the Act in London will be closely watched, but I do not consider that any special inquiry is called for.