HC Deb 20 March 1930 vol 236 cc2151-2W

asked the Minister of Health whether his attention has been called to a proposal of the Cardiff City Council to perform the so-called Schick test and inoculate 10,000 healthy children who are under 10 years of age; and, seeing that it is impossible to give an assurance that the immunisation of such a number of children would greatly reduce the incidence of diphtheria, and that no compensation is payable, will he see that parents and guardians are informed in writing at least one month before such operations are allowed to take place and permission in writing is obtained to proceed with the operation on behalf of each child beforehand?


I am aware that this council has offered to protect about 10,000 children against diphtheria by a process of immunisation. I understand that it is the practice of the council to allow parents a reasonable period in which to decide whether they will accept the offer, but that it is not administratively convenient to give as long notice as one month. Permission in writing is obtained from the parent or guardian of each child before it is treated under the arrangements made by the council. I am sending my hon. Friend copies of the circular to parents and the leaflet on this subject issued by the council.