HC Deb 13 March 1930 vol 236 cc1513-4W

asked the Secretary for Mines (1) whether he will give information as to the number of pit-head baths in this country and South Wales, respectively; the number of mines at which there are no pit-head baths; and the number employed in those mines;

(2) the number of pit-head baths erected prior to the passing of the Mining Industry Act, 1926, and since the passing of the Act; the number of baths with laundries and repair shops attached thereto; and the weekly amount subscribed by owners and workmen, respectively, towards the maintenance of pit-head baths where erected?


The number of pithead baths completed and in course of construction by the end of 1925 was 31 (of which 17 were provided from the Miners' Welfare Fund). The number which have been completed and put in hand since the passing of the Mining Industry Act, 1926, is 54, making a total at the present time of 85. In addition, several of the earlier installations have been considerably extended. The number of men employed at these 85 pits amounts to 121,300. The number of pits in South Wales which have baths, or for which baths are now in hand, is seven, employing a total of 9,150 workpeople. In order to give figures of any value as to the number of pits for which baths have not yet been provided, it would be necessary to exclude all those at which, for any of a variety of reasons, baths would not be a practicable or reasonable proposition, and this I am unable to do. I am not aware that any baths have laundries or repair shops attached. The views of the Miners' Welfare Committee on this subject are stated on pages 19 and 20 of their Annual Report for 1929. The weekly cost of maintenance land the proportion subscribed by owners and workmen respectively vary in each case in accordance with local conditions and arrangements, and I cannot give any general answer to this part of the question. This subject has been very fully explained by the Miners' Welfare Committee in successive Annual Reports.