HC Deb 23 June 1930 vol 240 c814W

asked the Minister of Labour the total number of temporary ex-service men recently engaged at the Claims and Record Office, Kew; what number are men with previous temporary Government service; what number were taken from the clearing register of the joint substitution board and what number are non-clearing register clerks; and whether these clerks have been taken on for any definite period and, if so, the length of such period?


The number of temporary clerks recently engaged for the Claims and Record Office, Kew, is 377. Of this number 154 had previous Government service.

The total of 377 comprises:

Clerks recruited through the Joint Substitution Board 32
Clerks transferred from staff of Employment Exchanges 2
Non-clearing register clerks 343
Total 377

Of this total, 26 clerks have since resigned or have not been retained. In accordance with the usual procedure, non-clearing register clerks were only engaged in so far as suitable persons could not at the time be obtained from the Joint Substitution Board register or among existing staff of the Department available for transfer. No definite period can at present be set to the retention of the services of the temporary clerks now in post.