HC Deb 05 June 1930 vol 239 cc2406-7W

asked the Minister of Labour (1) whether in any country which has ratified the Washington Hours of Work Convention, conditionally or unconditionally, legal provision is made whereby overtime worked on Sunday may be remunerated at a lower rate than the rate applicable to normal hours worked on Sunday;

(2) the maximum number of hours of overtime which may be worked in any year and in any industry under the provisions of the Act whereby Belgium applies the Washington Hours of Work Convention, and similar information relating to the provisions of the Bill now before this House?


As my hon. Friend will understand, it is difficult to explain satisfactorily the effect of the provisions of foreign legislation in the form of answers to questions. It is for that reason that I decided to have prepared, for the information of the House, a statement of the provisions of hours laws in other countries including Belgium, and I hope that my hon. Friend will find the information he seeks in that paper. As regards the Bill now before the House, I would venture to refer my hon. Friend to the text of the Bill itself.