HC Deb 04 June 1930 vol 239 cc2180-1W

asked the Minister of Transport what was the amount spent upon roads in Great Britain in each of the last 10 years, and the total, distinguishing between construction and maintenance; and how much of these sums was derived from the Road Fund and how much from local revenues?


The latest information available relates to expenditure on roads between the years 1910 and 1927, and will be found in Appendix 13 of the Report on the Administration of the Road Fund for the year 1928–29. The returns of highway authorities are not rendered in a form which enables me to apportion the expenditure between construction and maintenance, or to say how much of the expenditure shown was derived from the Road Fund and how much from local revenues. Appended, however, is a statement showing the total payments under grants from the Road Fund during each of the past 10 years, distinguishing as far as possible between "maintenance" and other works.

1926–27. 1927–28. 1928–29. 1929–30.
Payments under Maintenance Grants. £ £ £ £
Classification Grants (Class I and Class II Roads and Bridges). 8,142,962 8,586,383 8,368,398 10,041,132
Maintenance—Scheduled Road Grants 469,467 1,587,053 1,776,445 1,810,970
Total (Maintenance) 8,612,429 10,173,436 10,144,843 11,852,102
Payments under grants for new construction, improvement and other purposes. 8,362,803 8,569,935 6,870,432 7,931,553
Total Payments under Grants 16,975,232 18,743,371 17,015,275 19,783,655