HC Deb 25 February 1930 vol 235 c2086W

asked the Secretary of State for War what is the date on which he issued instructions forbidding Army bands to take paid civilian engagements when such engagements call for less than 25 performers out of doors or 20 performers indoors; and in what respect those instructions differ from the regulations referred to by the Secretary of State in answer to a question in this House on 14th February, 1924?


The instructions were issued at the beginning of December last. The orders referred to in the answer given in 1924 forbade an Army band, playing as the regimental band, from accepting engagements with less than 25 performers outdoors, or 20 performers indoors. But there was no such restriction on string or other parties from a band accepting engagements, provided that they did not appear as the regimental band. The instructions which I have had issued forbid smaller sections of the band accepting paid engagements other than at places of worship or at certain entertainments of a Service character.