HC Deb 21 February 1930 vol 235 cc1738-9W

asked the President of the Board of Trade if he will furnish a statement of the exports of articles wholly or partly manufactured from France, Germany, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom (including the Irish Free State) in 1880, 1913, and 1929; or, if the figures for 1929 are not complete, for 3928 the exports of such articles per head of the population in 1913 and for the last completed year; and what is the increase per head of population for each of the four countries in this latter period?


The following statement shows, for the countries specified in the question, the values of the domestic exports of goods, classed as wholly or partly manufactured, in 1880, 1913 and 1929; the values of such exports per head of the population in the years 1913 and 1929; and the increases per head of the population in 1929 compared with 1913.

The classes of goods included are described in the trade returns of the respective countries as follows:

United Kingdom: "Articles wholly or mainly manufactured, together with manufactured tobacco."

France: "Objets fabriqués."

Germany: "Fabrikate"—old classification (1880 and 1913); and "Fertige Waren"—later classification (1929).

United States: "Manufactures ready for consumption" and "Manufactures for further use in manufacturing."

Manufactured foodstuffs are excluded throughout.

2. The values have been converted into sterling at the par rate of exchange.

3. The figures for the United Kingdom in respect of 1880 do not include the value of new ships and boats exported, particulars of which were not recorded in that year. The value of new ships and boats exported from the United Kingdom was in 1913£11.0 million.

4. In the case of Germany, the figures for 1880 exclude, while those for 1913 and 1929 include, the value of ships exported and also the value of the "Improvement Trade" for Home Account. The figures for 1929 represent a classification of goods differing in certain respects from those covered in 1880 and 1913. The value of deliveries on account of Reparations has been included in 1929. If Reparations are excluded, the value of the exports of manufactured goods would be£460.7 million and the value per head of the population£7 4s. 8d., an increase in 1929 over 1913 of£2 7s. 1d. per capita or 48.2 per cent.

5. In the case of France and of Germany, the territories covered by the statistics for 1929 differ from those to which the figures for 1880 and 1913 relate.

6. The figures for 1929 are provisional throughout,

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