HC Deb 05 February 1930 vol 234 cc1909-10W

asked the President of the Board of Trade if he will issue a White Paper showing all the obligations and agreements entered into by this country restricting in any way its right to control its imports?


The International Convention for the Abolition of Import and Export Prohibitions and Restrictions and the Anglo-German Treaty of 1924 restrict the right of His Majesty's Government to impose prohibitions or restrictions on the importation of goods except in certain specific instances or on certain grounds, such, for example, as those of public security and the protection of the health of animals and plants. Treaties with a large number of other countries prevent prohibitions and restrictions upon the importation of goods from those countries unless such prohibitions and restrictions also apply to the like articles from all other countries. As the Anglo-German Treaty and the other Treaties are published in the Treaty Series, in which the Convention will also shortly appear, I do not think I should be justified in incurring the expense which would be involved in preparing and publishing a White Paper on the lines suggested in the question.