HC Deb 08 April 1930 vol 237 cc1974-5W

asked the Lord Privy Seal whether in respect of the applications from the corporation of the city of Nottingham to the Unemployment Grants Committee relative to work of the value of £864,842, he will say upon what date or dates were the applications made and in respect of what amounts, and upon what date or dates was approval given; and how many men will be employed on the works in question?

1.—Schemes Approved.
Number of Schrmes. Dates of formal applixations. Estimated Total Cost of Schemes. Estimated direct employment (in man-years). Dates of Approval.
1 11.9.29 82,000 150 24.10.29
3 11.9.29 619,665 960 8.10.29
6 11.9.29 27,702 60 10.3.30
10 729,367 1,170

2.—Schemes Refused.
Number of Schemes. Dates of formal applications. Estimated Total Cost of Schemes. Estimated direct employment (in man-years). Date Refused.
3 18.12.29 37,972 25.3.30

3.—Schemes under consideration.
3 11.9.29 81,563 160
1 21.2.30 16,000 40
4 97,563 200

In regard to the schemes still under consideration I understand that decisions upon three are unavoidably deferred, in one case because the corporation do not possess the necessary statutory authority, and in the other two cases in order to allow the Sherwood Area Water Authorities Regional Advisory Committee an opportunity of considering the proposals in conjunction with the report of their Technical Sub-Committee on the allocation of the water resources of the Sherwood Area amongst the authorities concerned.

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