HC Deb 03 April 1930 vol 237 cc1473-4W

asked the Minister of Health the number of houses erected under the Housing Act, 1919, in the counties of Derby, Durham, Northumberland, Lancaster, Cumberland, Warwick and Monmouth; and the amount of arrears of rent owing in each county upon these houses?


The following statement shows the number of houses erected under the Housing, Town Planning, etc., Act, 1919, in each of the counties in question:

County. Number of houses completed.
By Local Authorities. By Private Enterprise. Total.
Derby 3,520 92 3,612
Durham 7,184 222 7,406
Northumberland 4,693 8 4,701
Lancaster 23,222 78 23,300
Cumberland 1,287 1,287
Warwick 5,785 101 5,886
Monmouth 2,651 2,651

There are 232 local authorities having housing schemes under the Housing Act of 1919 in the counties mentioned and up to date information as to their arrears of rents could only be obtained by inquiry from each authority involving a considerable amount of work which I hesitate to put in hand at the present time of general pressure of work. If my hon. Friend would care to have the information in regard to any selected authorities I will have it obtained.

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