HC Deb 22 March 1929 vol 226 cc1978-9W

asked the President of the Board of Trade, what was the number of complete specifications examined during the year by the Patent Office for each of the past 25 years; what was the total strength of the examining staff on 1st January of each one of these years; and what was the number of complete specifications awaiting examination on 1st January of each year?


The following table gives the desired information:

in the case of women clerical officers, writing assistants, and members of the established typing grades, respectively, employed in his Department; and what was the average number of days of sick leave per head in the case of each of the grades concerned taken on account of gastric or nervous trouble, respectively?

Average number of days' sick leave per head.
1926. 1927. 1928.
Women Clerical Officers 8.0 (a) 8.3 4.3
Writing Assistants 6.4 7.1 4.5
Established typing grades 7.8 7.0 (b) 5.2 (c)
(a) Excluding two women who had 155 days' sick leave each.
(b) Excluding four women who had 303, 231, 105 and 101 days' sick leave respectively.
(c) Excluding four women who had 122, 109, 104 and 88 days' sick leave respectively.

To furnish the information requested in the last part of the question would involve the scrutiny of a large number of medical certificates, and I do not think the labour involved would be justified.