HC Deb 18 March 1929 vol 226 cc1508-11W

asked the Secretary to the Overseas Trade Department the present tariff rates charged on British herring, fresh and cured, in the various countries which import them?


The following statement shows the duties imposed on fresh herrings and on cured or salted herrings, not canned, in the countries to which the United Kingdom exported such herrings to the value of £10,000 or over in 1927.

1. *Duty calculated on gross weight after deduction of exterior packing. A rebate of two-thirds of the duty is allowed on salted herrings of which not more than 60 go to 10 kilogrammes.
2. There is a manipulation fee in each case amounting to 10 per cent. of the Customs duty.

Herrings: fresh, salted or dried 1 Finnish mark per kilog. net.
Herrings: cured or smoked, except those in hermetically sealed containers. 3 Finnish marks per kilog. net. (In the case of cured: gross.)
Herrings, fresh 1.02 gold francs per kilog. gross.
Note.—If imported unpacked, there is an additional 20 per cent. on the duty.

Herrings, smoked and salted and all kinds of dried fish 0.03 gold francs per kilog. gross.
Herrings, pickled, preserved in oil and otherwise prepared. 5.70 gold francs per kilog. gross.
Note.—1 gold franc equals 73 Estonian cents.

Herrings, fresh or frozen 2 lats per kilog. gross.
Herrings, salted Free.
Herrings, smoked or dried 1.20 lats per kilog. gross.
Herrings, packed in oil, or otherwise preserved 3 lats per kilog. gross.
Note.—On goods liable to duty there is an additional "Chancery" tax of 0.15 Lats per every 10 Lats of Customs duty. There is also a weight due in all cases of 0.16 Lats per 100 kilogs.

Herrings, fresh 1 lit per kilog. gross.
Herrings, salted, in barrels each up to 164 kilograms in weight. 8 lits per container.
Herrings, salted, in half-barrels up to 82 kilograms in weight. 5 lits per container.
Herrings, salted, otherwise packed 0.10 lits per kilog. gross.
Herrings, smoked 0.10 lits per kilog. gross.
Herrings, preserved, not in hermetically sealed containers. 1.0 lit per kilog.
Russia (Soviet). (These particulars are the most recent information available).
Herrings, fresh or frozen 60 roubles per 100 kilogs.
Herrings, dried, salted or smoked 9 roubles per 100 kilogs.
Note.—Imports of salted or dried herrings through Murmansk enter at lower rates.

Herrings, generally 6 metallic drachmae per 100 kilogs.

1. Additional taxes:
1. Municipal tax 26 per cent. of the Customs duty.
2. Forced loan surtax 30 per cent. of the Customs and municipal taxes.
3. Harbour dues 8.75 per cent. of Customs duty.
4. Statistical tax 2 drachmae per 500 kilogs.
2. The metallic drachmae are converted into currency by multiplication by 15.

Herrings 8 per cent. ad valorem.

1. Duty is calculated on landed value.
2. There are also municipal and quay dues amounting to ¾ per cent. ad valorem at Port Said and ½ per cent. ad valorem at Alexandria.

United States.
Fresh sea herring Free.
Herring, frozen or packed in ice 1 cent per lb.
Smoked herring, skinned or boned 2½ cents per lb.
Dried herring, salted or not 1¼ cents per lb.
Herring, pickled or salted, whether or not boned, when in bulk or in immediate containers weighing with the contents more than 15 lbs. each. 1 cent per lb. net.

Herrings, fresh, smoked or dried (but not salted) or preserved by cold process—
British preferential tariff, 1d. per lb.
General tariff, 1½d. per lb.

British Preferential Tariff. Intermediate Tariff. General Tariff.
Herrings, fresh ½ cent per lb. ¾ cent per lb. 1 cent per lb.
Herrings, pickled or salted 35 cents per 100 lbs. 45 cents per 100 lbs. 50 cents per 100 lbs.
Herrings, smoked or boneless ½ cent per lb. ¾ cent per lb. 1 cent per lb.
Herrings, dried ½ cent per lb. ¾ cent per lb. 1 cent per lb.

1. Should the duty under the Preferential Tariff represent more than 15 per cent. ad valorem, a deduction of 10 per cent. thereof is allowed.
2. The Intermediate Tariff applies to the products of countries as specifically nominated by Order-in-Council. Such countries include France and Belgium.
3. The General Tariff applies to the United States amongst other countries.

Irish Free State.
Herrings generally Free.
Herrings, fresh, cured, dried or preserved by salt only Free.
South Africa.
Herrings 1¼d. per lb.