HC Deb 13 March 1929 vol 226 c1136W

asked the Secretary of State for Air if he can give the 1929 Estimates for civil, military, and naval aircraft expenditure, respectively, by the Governments of the United States of America, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Japan, and Great Britain, respectively?


As regards Great Britain, I would refer the hon. Member to the Air Estimates, 1929, which give the information required. As regards the other countries, the total French and Italian Air Votes for 1929 are 1,821,000,000 francs (exclusive, however, of service pensions) and 700,000,000 lire, respectively. Owing to the classification of the Votes in these countries, it is not possible accurately to separate these totals into expenditure on civil, naval and military aviation. The corresponding total in the case of the United States is approximately 145,000,000 dollars. The other countries referred to in the question do not maintain separate air services, and in their case expenditure for air purposes is to a considerable extent borne upon their main Army and Navy Votes and cannot be segregated from general military and naval expenditure. The hon. Member will find, however, a certain amount of information on the subject in the Armaments Year Book of the League of Nations.