HC Deb 08 March 1929 vol 226 c727W
Major GLYN

asked the Prime Minister whether the Government have any figures to indicate what number of Irish persons have come to Great Britain from Ireland and obtained employment here during the last 18 months, and, if so, what are they, and whether, in view of the lack of employment in Scotland and Northern England, any steps can be taken to restrict the number of such persons from obtaining employment at the expense of persons resident in Great Britain?


No separate records are ordinarily kept of persons who come from Ireland to Great Britain

Persons on the Registers of the Borough Employment Exchange.
Men. Boys. Women. Girls. Total.
25th January, 1926 6,122 313 1,560 455 8,450
31st January, 1927 6,265 302 1,588 511 8,666
30th January, 1928 5,157 247 1,374 415 7,193
28th January, 1929 6,234 354 1,264 363 8,215