HC Deb 04 March 1929 vol 226 cc36-7W

asked the Secretary of State for Dominion Affairs whether, with a view to the development of the Empire, the resuscitation of British trade, and the provision of employment, he will approach the various Dominion Governments with a proposal that the Imperial Government should co-operate with them in undertaking large public works which require to be carried out in their territories, such as docks and railways?


While the Government is anxious to promote co-operation in Empire development in every practical form, I doubt whether a general inquiry of the character suggested in the hon. Member's question would serve the end he has in view.

1913. 1924. 1928.
Total Exports (Produce and Manufactures of U.K.). of which, consigned to: Thousand £1. 525,254 Thousand £1. 800,967 Thousand £1. 723,427
Russia 18,103 3,860 2,716
Finland 4,558 3,601
Estonia 628 601
Latvia 2,607 1,293
Lithuania 315 352
Poland (including Dantzig) 3,500 5,253
Total Exports of Imported Merchandise of which, consigned to: 109,567 139,970 120,352
Russia 9,591 7,212 2,085
Finland 1,019 510
Estonia 286 234
Latvia 222 177
Lithuania 16 23
Poland (including Dantzig) 1,507 829
NOTE.—The figures given above for 1913 relate to the trade of the British Isles as a whole, those for 1924 and 1928 to the trade of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The particulars for 1928 are provisional.