HC Deb 25 July 1929 vol 230 cc1507-8W

asked the President of the Board of Trade if his attention has been called to the Trade and Navigation Returns just published, which show that the importation of woollen tissues has increased from 14,600,933 square yards in the first six months of 1927 to 15,817,575 square yards in the same period of 1929, and that the largest increase is scheduled as coming from other countries; and will he state the names of those countries, with the quantities in each case?


The following table shows the quantities of woollen tissues imported into the United Kingdom, registered during the periods January-June, 1927 and 1929, distinguishing the principal countries from which these imports were consigned.

Countries form which consigned. January to June.
1927. 1929.
sq. yds. sq. yds.
Germany 5,222,957 4,954,598
France 5,696,410 5,172,474
Sweden 39,879 165,884
Netherlands 1,239,515 1,305,714
Belgium 1,080,611 1,343,038
Switzerland 119,348 283,107
Italy 205,828 1,118,464
Czechoslovakia 398,840 944,915
Irish Free State 495,809 408,230
Other countries* 101,736 121,151
Total imports 14,600,933 15,817,575
* In the period January-June, 1929, this heading comprised 16 countries the imports from no one of which exceeded 40,000 sq. yards.

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