HC Deb 25 July 1929 vol 230 cc1515-6W

asked the Minister of Agriculture whether any, and which, of the samples of tar or mixtures containing tar which have been scientifically tested and examined by the experts of his Department have been found non-injurious to fish when used for the purpose of dressing roads adjacent to rivers?


The Department has not hitherto been able to satisfy itself that any road dressing containing tar can be used on roads draining directly into rivers containing fish without the risk of injury to fish, but the question is being further studied in collaboration with the British Road Tar Association.


asked the Minister of Transport whether he will withhold subsidies from local authorities which unlawfully use as dressings on roads adjacent to rivers any substances or mixtures which would poison fish when washed into rivers?


A circular was addressed to all highway authorities in 1923 urging the use of asphaltic bitumen free from tar products for the treatment of road surfaces draining directly into fishing waters, and I should seriously consider withholding grants from the Road Fund with respect to such sections of roads upon which dressings are used which are injurious to fish life.