HC Deb 25 July 1929 vol 230 c1539W

asked the Minister of Labour if her attention has been drawn to the fact that at some Employment Exchanges the unemployed are required to state their height and weight when signing on for unemployed benefit; is she aware that this new requirement has aroused a feeling of resentment among the unemployed people; will she state whether this new requirement is being enforced on her instructions; if so, for what reason and purpose; and, if not, what action does she propose to take in respect to this matter?


I find that in certain Exchanges in the distressed areas information of this kind is sometimes asked for, because experience shows that for some classes of labouring or semiskilled work it is essential to have the information if the best possible help is to be given to the applicant. I am not aware that there has been any feeling of resentment on the part of the workpeople concerned, and I am sure that any such feeling would disappear if the object is explained. I should add that, in pursuance of my policy of doing everything possible to get unemployed workers back into employment, it will probably be necessary to find out in a good deal of detail what they may be capable of, and I shall expect them to co-operate with me by giving the fullest and frankest information on their part.