HC Deb 18 July 1929 vol 230 cc651-2W

asked the Minister of Health the reason why the old age pension payable to Mr. W. J. Honess, of 247, Cramond Avenue, Welling, Kent, has been suspended after payments have continued since 1926?


The suspension of pension in this case arose from the failure of the pensioner to notify a change of address, communications sent to the address standing in the official records being returned undelivered. The necessary Order Book was issued to the pensioner as soon as his new address was known, and he was then in a position to draw the arrears of pension.


asked the Minister of Health whether the correspondance with reference to the claim for old age pension by Mr. John Clarke and Mrs. Clarke, of 36, Newport Road, Spark-brook, Birmingham, has been brought to his attention; and whether, in view of the fact that this is a border-line case and in view of the hardship involved, he will give the claimants the benefit of the doubt and exercise his discretion to waive the necessary contributions?


According to the official records, the name of the claimants is Crooks. As regards the first part of the question, I have looked into the case and find that an appeal was made to the referees appointed under the Act who upheld the rejection of the claims; as regards the second part, I have no power to award a pension where the conditions of the Act are not satisfied. I am sending my hon. Friend a copy of the Referees' decision which sets out all the material facts.


asked the Minister of Health if he will consider the desirability of placing a more generous interpretation administratively on the means limit under the Old Age Pensions Act?


The administration of the means limit under the Old Age Pensions Acts is governed by Statute, but all possible consideration within the limits of the Statutes is given in the assessment of means.