HC Deb 08 February 1929 vol 224 c2093W

asked the President of the Board of Trade the latest ascertained figures relating to imports of mineral oils and products such as petrol into the United Kingdom, each separated out into their various grades and qualities in gallons per annum with import values, and a comparative table showing the relative quantities and values of similar commodities produced in this country.


The quantities and values of the total imports of crude

Year. Total imports consigned from British Malaya to the United Kingdom. Exports consigued from the United Kingdom to British Malaya.
Produce and Manufactures of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Imported merchandise.
£ £ £
1925 23,506,187 13,564,955 327,160
1926 26,256,755 14,115,922 453.760
1927 21,666,465 14,762,956 425,337
1928 (a) 12,610,174 15,092,002 382,144
(a) Provisional figures.