HC Deb 07 February 1929 vol 224 cc1974-5W

asked the Minister of Agriculture whether he will issue a Return giving the complete census-of-production figures in respect to the output and utilisation of milk, collating the information published in the Report on the Agricultural Output of England and Wales with the information in regard to the output of milk products in England and Wales secured under the general census of production?


The following table shows the utilisation of milk in Great Britain as disclosed by the inquiries undertaken in connection with the last Industrial and Agricultural Censuses of Production. I regret that it is not possible to supply the combined figures in respect of England and Wales alone. The figures given in the table are for the year 1924 in the case of the industrial census, and for the year June, 1924-May. 1925, in the case of the agricultural output. I would explain that the figures of the agricultural output of milk and dairy products do not pretend to complete accuracy, but arc an approximation based on extensive data.

increase the rents of the allotment holders at Sutton Bridge on the expiration of the present tenancy; and whether he will state the amount of any proposed increase and the reasons for it?


The allotments on the Ministry's Farm Settlement at Sutton Bridge include a large number let direct by the Ministry as well as others on land let to the local councils, and sub-let by them to the allotment holders. The Ministry has no intention of increasing the rents of allotments let direct; on the contrary, where such rents include the rates they will be reduced by the amount so included as soon as the rates cease to be payable in accordance with the proposals in the Local Government Bill. As regards the land let to local councils; in two instances the land was held under a lease granted before the War at a relatively low rent, and these leases being about to expire the Ministry offered to renew them at an increased rent, comparable with the rent of other allotment land in the vicinity. In one case, where the old rent was £88, the proposed new rent of £135 was agreed to by the local authority. In the other case the council at first declined to pay the increased rent proposed, but subsequently agreed to do so. The old rent in this instance was fixed in 1914, and was £55 per annum for 19i acres, while the rent to be paid as from Michaelmas, 1929, is to be £76 per annum. In both instances the sole reason for the increase of rent is that the rents reserved under the expiring leases were much below the present rental value of the land concerned.