HC Deb 24 April 1929 vol 227 c888W

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, having regard to the problem confronting Europe arising from the economic position of Austria, combined with unstable political conditions, if he will make a general statement regarding the intentions of the League towards that country, the immediate outlook there, and the attitude of the British Government in this matter?


So far as I am aware, no question regarding Austria is at present before the Council of the League of Nations. In any event, the hon. Baronet will appreciate that it is impossible for me to state what the intentions of the Council of the League may be if any question regarding Austria is brought before it, nor can I say what attitude the representative of His Majesty's Government on the Council might adopt towards a proposal of which I have no knowledge. As regards the political situation, I can add nothing to the reports which the hon. Baronet has doubtless read in the daily Press.