HC Deb 27 November 1928 vol 223 c242W

asked the Secretary for Mines if his attention has been drawn to the claim of a member of the German Dye Trust that the production of rubber from coal on a commercial basis had possibilities of becoming a reality; and, if so, what action is he prepared to take to encourage and help scientific research and experiment in this country in the foregoing direction?

Commodore KING

I have seen the report referred to. I understand that processes by which a material resembling rubber, in its physical and chemical properties, can be made from coal have been known for many years, but that they have not been exploited owing mainly to the high cost of production in comparison with the price and superiority of the natural product. The Government already make a grant to the Research Association of British Rubber Manufacturers, which is fully informed as to the position, and I see no reason for further action.