HC Deb 16 November 1928 vol 222 cc1257-8W

asked the Minister of Labour if he will cause to be issued a suitable Circular showing the conditions and benefits of the Unemployment Insurance Acts to date?


There is already in existence a leaflet explaining the terms under which unemployment benefit is payable, and I am sending the hon. Member a copy.


asked the Minister of Labour whether he is aware that Mr. T. Harold, of 16, Northampton Street, Canonbury, recently claimed unemployment benefit, including dependant's benefit for his wife, who is stated to be 75 years of age, and that the claim was disallowed by the Holloway, or other, Employment Exchange; and whether he will give instructions for the clam to be reconsidered?


This claim was not disallowed. Mr. Harold did not claim dependant's benefit originally in respect of his wife, because he thought he was debarred from doing so by the fact that she was over 65 years of age. Had he inquired at the Exchange he would have

Date. Men. Boys. Women. Girls. Total.
1924. Plymouth.
January 28th 3,384 165 580 145 4,274
February 25th 2,946 154 479 141 3,720
March 31st 3,038 109 437 150 3,734
April 28th 2,959 120 391 127 3,597
May 26th 2,976 122 395 123 3,616
June 30th 2,990 115 362 98 3,565
July 28th 2,954 114 325 93 3,486
August 25th 3,030 126 409 109 3,674
September 29th 3,239 136 476 154 4,005
October 27th 3,237 153 573 146 4,109
November 24th 3 352 129 593 141 4,215
December 29th 3,575 111 666 110 4,462

Exchange on the first Monday of November, 1927 and 1928, respectively:

been informed of his right to make a claim. He has now claimed in respect of his wife and the claim has been admitted.


asked ale Minister of Labour the reason for the delay in authorising unemployment benefit to be paid to those entitled to benefit at the Coventry Exchange?


I am not aware that delay is taking place at Coventry in the payment of unemployment benefit, but if the hon. Member cares to give me particulars of any individual cases I shall be glad to inquire into them.

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