HC Deb 12 November 1928 vol 222 c517W

asked the Home Secretary the number of metal grinders who have been discharged in consequence of failing to pass a medical test in accordance with the Statutory Rules and Orders, 1927, No. 380, in respect to the metal-grinding industries (silicosis) scheme, and have not been able to qualify for workmen's compensation?


No medical test for employment is imposed by this scheme. I understand that workmen employed by certain firms in these industries have been required by their employers for the purposes of insurance to pass a medical examination, and that some of them who failed to pass have been discharged, but I have no information as to the number affected. I may add that a workman employed at or after the commencement of the scheme has a right to claim compensation under the scheme for total disablement after he has left the employment, provided he has been employed in the dusty processes within the previous three years.