HC Deb 24 May 1928 vol 217 cc2089-90W

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury the percentage of silver in the issue of half-crowns in 1912 and the percentage of silver in the 1928 issue?

The information in the possession of the Department cannot be presented in the form desired. The following Table, however, contains such figures as are available:—

(1) Expenditure by local authorities in Scotland on Roads, Streets and Bridges.

(2) Payments made under grants from the Road Fund.

Expenditure.* Year ended 15th May
1925. 1926. 1927. 1928.
£ £
Total expenditure, including expenditure met out of grants from the Road Fund. Expenditure (excluding loan charges) out of ordinary receipts. 4,901,471 5,164,247
Loan charges 453,515 524,183 Figures not available.
Expenditure out of loans and other capital receipts. 970,269 1,189,717
Year ended 31st March.
1925. 1926. 1927. 1928.
Payments from Road Fund. £ £ £ £
Maintenance and reconstruction of Class I and Class II roads. 752,058 994,998 964,273 948,127
Maintenance of selected unclassified roads 26,714 128,339
Improvements on Class I and Class II roads and other purposes. 842,200 1,271,664 1,461,567 1,539,662
Total 1,594,258 2,266,662 2,452,554 2,616,128
*Separate figures for Class I, Class II and unclassified roads are not available.


All silver coins struck before 1920 contain 92½0 per cent. of silver and all silver coins struck after 1920 contain 50 per cent, of silver.