HC Deb 24 May 1928 vol 217 c2067W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for India on what grounds the Government of India, after having authorised payment of pay of rank and allowances to Lieut.-Colonel A. M. Lloyd, when performing military duties as a reemployed officer in Madras, now refuse to honour those orders; why was this officer deprived of the pay and allowances of the rank of lieut.-colonel when promoted to that rank, in view of Army Regulation 1, Part I (Pay and Allowances Regulations), and in view of the fact that his promotion was not by brevet rank or a special reward, but was obtained by qualifying service under the rules governing the Indian Army and under the provisions of the Royal Warrant and Adjutant-General's circular memorandum, dated 21st August, 1919?


Lieut.-Colonel Lloyd retired in 1902 in the rank of major, and was re-employed in that rank in 1918 and 1919. His total periods of service were not long enough to qualify him for promotion to lieut.-colonel. In 1920 he was employed as pension paymaster, Madras, and received, in addition to pension, pay of rank as major and certain allowances appropriate to the appointment; but this employment was not service of the nature contemplated in the instructions quoted, and did not, therefore, count as service for promotion. The officer was thus not qualified under rule for further promotion. As an act of grace, however, he was specially granted the rank of lieut.-colonel after his reversion to the retired list, but without the pay and allowances of that rank. He was informed of this condition before the rank was granted, and it was repeated in the Gazette notification.

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