HC Deb 04 May 1928 vol 163 cc1791-2W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he is aware that Georges Evangelo Louizo, born in Cyprus, and whose progenitors have been citizens of that country for many generations past, was granted a British passport by the High Commissioner of Cyprus in December, 1911; that he was registered as a British subject at the British Legation at Addis Abeba, in Abyssinia, in or about the month November-December, 1914, where he continued to be recognised as a British subject down to 1917, when he proceeded to Paris; that he was there granted a full passport as a British subject by the British Legation, with the knowledge and approval of the British Foreign Office, and that such passport was renewed in February, 1922; that such passport was subsequently deposited by M. Louizo with the Foreign Office on an application made by him to add the name of his wife, May Kathleen, formerly May Kathleen Ydlibi, thereto; and upon what ground its return has been withheld, and give directions that the name of Madame Louizo be added to the passport and that it be returned to M. Louizo forthwith?


By the terms of the Cyprus Annexation Order in Council, 1917, Mr. Louizo is not a British subject, since he was not resident in Cyprus at the time of its annexation. Nevertheless, a passport as a British protected person was issued to him in the year 1919 as a special concession, on condition that he returned to Cyprus or to some other part of His Majesty's Dominions, in order to qualify for British nationality either by naturalisation or by compliance with the requirements of the Order in Council. Mr. Louiza, however, did not make use of his passport for this purpose, but remained in France until February, 1922, and it was consequently impounded when he applied for its renewal in July of that year. Mr. Louizo's passport will, however, he renewed provided that he qualifies within a reasonable period for naturalisat ion as a British subject by residence within the Empire If he provides such evidence and a passport is issued to him, the name of his wife will, of course, be placed upon it.