HC Deb 22 March 1928 vol 215 cc577-8W

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty the nature of the diseases from which men were invalided from the Navy during the years 1926 and 1927, respectively; the numbers invalided from the different diseases; and the number in each disease of cases in which the disability was decided to be attributable to service and for which a disability pension was given?

Lieut.-Colonel HEADLAM

Particulars for the year 1927 are not yet available, but figures for 1926 have been compiled, and are as follow:

(1) Total Invalidings.
Disease or Injury. Invalided.
Diseases caused by infection:
Diphtheria 1
Pneumococcal infection (lungs) 8
Pyogenic infection 1
Pyrexia of uncertain origin 1
Rheumatic fever 17
Tuberculosis (pulmonary) 176
Tuberculosis (non-pulmonary) 21
Syphilis, later record 15
Gonocoecal infection, sequelæ 32
Other diseases caused by infection 22
Nervous and mental diseases:
Diseases of spinal cord 10
Diseases of brain 6
Paralysis 2
Epilepsy 34
Neurasthenia 69
Other nervous diseases 45
Insanity 15
Diseases of the eye 386
Diseases of the ear 261
Diseases of the Nose 3
Diseases of circulatory system:
Diseases of the heart (organic) 86
Diseases of the heart (functional) 19
Diseases of the arteries 10
Diseases of the veins 7
Diseases of the blood and spleen 3
Diseases of Lymphatic system. Lymphadenitis 1
Diseases of glands of internal secretion 6
Diseases of the respiratory system:
Bronchitis 12
Asthma 7
Fibrosis of lung 30
Pleurisy 17
Other diseases 6
Diseases of teeth and gums 19
Disease or Injury. Invalided.
Diseases of the digestive system:
Mouth, palate, fauces, pharynx 1
Tonsilitis 2
Diseases of the stomach 21
Diseases of the intestines 33
Hernia 20
Diseases of rectum and anus 1
Other diseases of digestive system 1
Diseases of nutrition or metabolism Diabetes 5
Diseases of generative system:
Variococele 2
Orchitis 1
Other diseases 1
Diseases of organs of locomotion:
Periosteum and bone 4
Cartilage and joints 16
Spine 1
Muscles, fasciæ tendons, bursæ 3
Deformities of limbs 92
Diseases of Areolar, tissue and skin:
Abscess 3
Eczema 4
Other diseases of skin 5
Diseases of urinary organs:
Kidneys 20
Ureter and bladder 2
Urinary disorders 42
New growths, malignant 2
New growths, non-malignant 2
Alcoholism 1
General injuries:
Multiple injuries 1
Multiple burns and scalds 1
Local injuries. Injuries and wounds 91
Totals 1,726

(2) Attributable cases and pensions granted.

Pulmonary tuberculosis 8
Nou-pulmonary tuberculosis 6
Nervous diseases:
Spinal cord 1
Neurasthenia 1
Disease of the eye 5
Disease of the ear 1
Respiratory system. Fibrosis of lung 1
Organs of locomotion:
Periosteum and bone 3
Cartilage and joints 1
Muscles, etc. 3
General injuries. Multiple burns 1
Local injuries and wounds 44
Total 75

In addition to the above, five attributable cases were referred to the Ministry of Pensions for administration.