HC Deb 06 March 1928 vol 214 cc985-6W

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury the total amount of British meat purchased by the Government services for the 12 months ended to the last convenient date, and the cost of the same?


I am not sure whether by the term "British" meat the hon. and gallant Member includes meat imported from the Empire overseas or not. If he does, the total amount of such meat purchased for the Navy, Army and Air Force in the calendar year 1927 was 53,500,000 lbs., and the Cost £1,076,000. If, however, the question is limited to home-killed meat, the amount was 411,000 lbs., and the cost £14,900. Besides the fighting Services, a few other Government Departments purchase certain quantities of meat; but the information asked for in the question is not immediately available in their case.