HC Deb 06 July 1928 vol 219 cc1739-40W

asked the Minister of Pensions if he will inquire into the circumstances attending the refusal of treatment and pension to Mr. A. Spooner, of 72, Great Eastern Road, Stratford, E.15, No. 12/AS/444?


This man's case was considered by the Ministry and, on

Description. Quantities. Declared Values.
Vegetables: Raw: Tons. ?
Potatoes 210,816 2,127,096
Onions 118,568† 1,298,899
Tomatoes 43,765 1,552,322
Other kinds 948,087
Vegetables: Dried* 114 4,593
Vegetables, preserved by canning or bottling, with no sweetening matter:
Tomatoes 12,757 321,294
Other descriptions 2,933 111,198
Peas: not fresh 40,189 929,926
Milk, fresh 2,106 28,202
Milk, cream 2,904 326,904
Milk, condensed, not sweetened: 9,032 499,927
Milk, condensed, sweetened:
Whole 6,068 299,849
Separated or skimmed 39,699 1,396,920
Milk powder, not sweetened 4,320 218,255
Milk powder, sweetened § 8
Milk preserved, other kinds, not sweetened 1,374 183,874
* Beans, lentils, &c., dried, are not included under this heading.
† Recorded in bushels and converted at the rate of 40 bushels to the ton.
‡ Recorded by value only.
§ 1 cwt. only.

The official classification according to which importers are required to furnish to the Customs Authorities particulars of the goods imported by them does not provide for the separate enumeration of broccoli, table beetroot and the various classes of peas mentioned in the question.

appeal, by the independent Appeal Tribunal also, who decided that the disabilities claimed were neither due to nor aggravated by service. The recent application for treatment and pension could not, therefore, be granted.